We are India’s leading eldercare organisation serving 30,000+ members in more than 100 cities with our community and care programmes for the elderly.

The Samarth Helpline is our response to support every elderly with essential needs during the Covid 19 crisis.

Extending Support to every elderly against Covid 19

Covid 19 has resulted in an extra-ordinary crisis affecting people everywhere. Elderly are most at risk from the standpoint of infection, mortality as well as hardships given their limitations and dependence on others.
With easing of lockdown, greater contact. and pressure on healthcare system, the risk to elderly has escalated and they must stay home as much as possible. Another emerging concern for elderly is emotional stress resulting from isolation, misinformation and sense of greater vulnerability as news spreads about fatalities.

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Samarth Helpline to support elderly stay safe and well at home

Since the onset of Covid 19, we have supported elderly citizens in our communities in nearly 40 cities who faced a number of challenges due to lockdown. We started this free Helpline for them to access support for essentials. A growing network of organisations, institutions, delivery partners and volunteers are joining hands with us to deliver this support in locations across the country. JOIN US IN THIS MISSION.


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Each one of us can help by volunteering a small part of our time and effort to keep elderly in our community safe at home in this time of crisis. You can do a lot from within your home. Register to find out and participate.


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इस उमर में बिना दवाइयों के जीवन हाथ से छूटा दिखता है. हेल्पलाइन की कोशिश से मुझे और मेरी पत्नी के जीवन को सहारा मिला. दवाइयाँ हमारे घर तक पहूचाई गयी
मैं बहुत खुश हूँ, मुझे और कुछ नही चाहिए. हेल्पलाइन से बात कर ऐसा लगा की इस मुश्किल वक़्त में मेरे अपना कोई है. हर रोज़ मुझे समय देने के लिए धन्यवाद
डी पी अगरवाल
इस महामारी में सारे भगवान एक ही है चाहे वो अल्लाह हो या राम. आप लोगो में भी भगवान बसता है जो इस महामारी में हमारी मदद कर रहा है
शेख़ अब्दुल सबूर
Your voice sounds like my daughter and my daughter was my joy and luck. Thanks for being my support and guide when I'm stuck at Jaipur alone and my family is at Chennai. God bless you and your team for this noble act.
B. Rao
अजीब लगता है ऐसे माँगना पर आप ने मदद की बहुत शुक्रिया आपका
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